Sunday, September 22, 2013

HEY! I'm back! For a test run!

Hey you few people that actually care if I blog or not!

I received a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster for reviewing purposes. It had some coupons for Sargento Cheese and a neat little pouch to carry a cheese stick in, so it will stay cool while I run errands or head to work.

I had never tried Sargento before, and I can honestly say, dude I was missing out. Like, a lot. It has a creamy taste, and isn't at all plastic-like which I find in most cheese sticks.

If you haven't heard of Influenster, you should check them out. It sends products to review and gives you several different platforms to choose from to tall people how you feel about the product. I posted a picture/review of my cheese pouch on instagram here.

I've been adding these cheese sticks to my everyday snack routine at breakfast time or before bed. As of late I've been waking up hungry, and this goes great with a handful of dry banana cereal. I work night shifts at Pizza Hut in addition to working at a Real Estate Agency so, sometimes this cheese stick and a couple slices of lunch meat make up my "dinner" before I go to bed. Its filling and it tastes great. I'm seriously so in love with these cheese sticks.

My 5 favorite satisfying snacks (in no particular order) are probably:
1. A Sargento cheese stick and a handful of almonds
2. A banana with peanut butter spread on it and a 3/4 glass of milk
3. A Sargento cheese stick, a few frozen blueberries and a hard-boiled egg
4. A Sargento cheese stick and a handful of frozen sweet corn (have you ever tried frozen sweet corn? It is seriously  SO good. It almost tastes like candy)
5. Hummus with carrot sticks and bell pepper slices (maybe a few Stacey's pita chips if I have left-over hummus)

And, because I am incredibly nosey, what do you enjoy snacking on?