Sunday, August 26, 2012

Football and Candy Corn

Fall is rapidly approaching, and while I love swimming and reading a good book in the sunshine, I love Fall.

I'm excited for cardigans, and capris, AND I have a Jeep now, so I can go to bonfires and go mudding! Who doesn't love mudding?

Candy corn and football games are also around the corner! I love me some high school football. The guys in my youth group are on their high school team, so I'm pretty stoked to go watch them kick some tail! :)

Favorite fall activities anyone? Comment love?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

College college college

This is my first week of classes, and today is my first long day. (11 am to 8 pm, baby!) I don't have my laptop because it made my backpack too heavy, but now I seriously wish I had it. An hour and 45 minutes is a long time for a break, but it's too short to really go out and do anything while I wait. I thought I could maybe read my textbook reading assignments, and I probably could in this amount of time, it's just really loud.

I'm pretty bummed my music class got cancelled, but c'est la vie. That class getting cancelled is the reason I have to be here until 8... But I'm not bitter. Well, actually I'm a little bitter. I was very excited about that class.

When I had to try and find another class, it was super odd to me, but all of the morning classes were full. It was the late morning-noon classes that were empty, and of course those were the ones I didn't need.

It doesn't really help that I don't know anyone. I wonder what people that leave and go far away for college feel like when they see people that grew up in their college town and have a ton of friends already...

If I were on my laptop there would be a ton of cool gifs or pictures in this post, but since I'm on my phone I'll leave you with this one :) cat pictures really get me... Is that sad?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I hate Target

Ok… That’s a bold-faced lie. I love Target. I love everything about Target, which created my problem.

So, if you read my blog you know I got in a car accident about a month or so ago, which totaled my little car and sent me into a spiraling depression. That was slightly dramatic, but also slightly true. I loved my little Daisy, and am having a hard time letting her go. **shamelessly wipes tears away** That being said, my insurance agent informed me it would be in my best interest to total it, because the frame was so badly damaged he didn’t feel comfortable supporting my decision to revive my poor Daisy from her untimely death. With a heavy heart, I said good bye to my beloved friend and went on the hunt for a new mode of transportation.

After testing out more cars than I care to mention (by the way, I feel like car lots should let you know how easily a car brakes and/or turns before you take it off the lot. I almost killed Grandma and Darling multiple times. It was not fun) I decided on a silver 2007 Jeep Liberty. He/she is beautiful. I still haven’t decided if it’s a boy or a girl, but I’m leaning toward just calling it a her, and referring to her specifically as “the Jeep,”

Since she is so pristine and nice looking and not cluttered up with trash, clothing and more shoes than I should probably have, I went to Target to get something to personalize her. I love celebrating at Target. My wallet does not, but I do. Anyway, I needed some form of school supplies, since school starts Tuesday and I had absolutely nothing but a highlighter. Target had some super cute notebooks for 50¢ and some folders for about 75¢. An unforeseen car payment has me broke as a joke, so I thought “Holy goodness, I can steal/use a pen from Grandma’s house and that random highlighter that’s floating in my purse, and then buy those things for school and I’ll have everything sans books for like $5.00 and some tax. School supplies for less than the cost of my Starbucks trips? I’m down with that,” What the heck was I thinking?! I came out of there with ERASERS IN THE SHAPE OF RANDOM DESSERTS! WHY on earth would I need a cupcake-shaped eraser? I don’t even have a pencil! I ended up spending about $57 in that trip. Which, honestly isn’t that bad for setting me loose in Target, but when you consider the fact it was over 11x the price I had budgeted for, it becomes a bit bigger of a deal.

I am in college. I am broke. Why in the name of all things good in this world did I think going to Target was a god idea? I even opened those stupid erasers before I really thought about it so I can’t return the dang things. What the heck, Kaelyn, what the heck?! That being said, I did buy some things I almost needed. You know what I mean? Those things you could really do without, but you’ll use them now because you have them? Things like popsicle/cupcake whatever else erasers and a “trash can” for my car. And a backpack. I’m a sucker for a good backpack. I love them. The one I got even had a place for my laptop so it won’t flop around and tick me off. I’ve been pretty good about justifying my purchases so far. I’m just not going to look at how broke I am for the rest of the pay period. Sounds like a plan right?

Story of my life.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 day wrap up!

I went from obnoxiously posting almost every day to not posting ANYTHING for 10 days. What kind of blogger am I? Not a good one I guess, but I'm going to try and be better!

Now, a bit of what on earth has been going on the past week and a half:
I hated my "vegan detox" and quit, but you know that because I wrote about it.
I was introduced to ground flaxseed and now eat it with my breakfast, and I really like it. It adds another layer to my breakfast and I stay fuller longer, and get fuller on less calories. My aunt introduced me to her breakfast slop, which sounds disgusting, but she couldn't come up with a better name for it.

Breakfast Slop:
1 banana
1single serving container of yogurt
as much flaxseed as you can handle

You cut the banana into bite sized pieces (Quartered length wise and then sliced is what she does) and then you dump the yogurt on top and sprinkle as much of the flaxseed as you can handle on the top. The flaxseed creates a whole new texture so the "slop" isn't just slimy yogurt and bananas, but it kind of makes it gritty. She compared it to actually finding a banana seed while you're eating a banana (something I have never experienced). I have a big texture issue and gag really easily at things that don't please my tongue, but this was suprisingly good. I liked it a lot and didn't even gag once. :)

Darling and I became an "official" couple on Monday. He asked me and it was just so stinking perfect. :) He's pretty precious. He'd hate that I just called him "presh" so let's keep that between us blog buds ok? ;) We've been spending a lot of time together actually. I like him a lot.
Isn't he presh? ;)

On Tuesday I went to Six Flags for the first time with some of my girlfriends. :)) I was sooooooooo much fun. Seriously, why haven't I gone before? We ate weird food and swam and I almost fell out of a boat and then did fall out of a tube... I didn't have very good luck, and got some wicked tan lines, but still I had more fun than I've had in a while. (***Small disclaimer: Six Flags is a completely safe theme park and I did not fall and almost fall because of malpractice on their part. I almost fell out of the boat because I didn't put my feet where they belonged and I fell out of the tube because I got scared and tried to cover my face like a wimp and then flipped over the edge of the tube, because I wasn't holding anything.) I had a blast and so did Wang and Tee... I think...

Wang, me in the middle and Tee on the right :)

I also went to Silver Dollar City with Wang while I was on my blogging hiatus (that's a theme park in Branson, Missouri incase you wondered). The "theme" is old western-ish things. Ladies wear dresses and bloomers and the guys dress like everything from train robbers to cowboys. It's fun to see. Around here people call it "Steal Your Dollar City," but after going to Six Flags I will NEVER call it that again. We paid $18 just to park a tiny car. WHAT THE HECK?! We're already paying to get in, why on earth do you not have free parking? I'll even walk a little farther. Exercise is good for the body and soul. But I digress. I had a super fun time at SDC and Shorty and I ate weird food (Stir fried sweet potato mash, anyone?).

Wang on the left, moi, grandma doesn't like me posting her picture, and Blue :)
I also found an awesome "hideout" for some great journaling time. I love to be social and around people, but I also sometimes just need to leave and be by myself and have God-and-Kaelyn-time. Just some time for me to write in my journal and pray or sing without people listening or judging my sometimes-decent-but-usually-slightly-too-high singing voice is completely refreshing. Anyway. I found this cute little "park" thing that is actually a catch-and-release state fishing park. It hardly ever has anyone there, especially lately since it's been so dry and hot and the water is down. I went down there last week right as a storm was rolling in and it was so beautiful I could hardly stand it. God is so good, and so beautiful and the things He blesses me with overwhelm me so completely I sometimes feel like I could burst from happiness. That was one of those times.

God is so good. This picture doesn't even BEGIN to describe this beautiful scene.

I guess that about wraps up the past ten days of my life. :) There have been some other little things, but this was the major. I start college again in like nine days, and I still don’t have books... Procrastination at it's finest. Leave me some comment-type love?

OH! AND! Because I have no where else to put this, what the heck is rhythmic gymnastics? I had no idea there was really a place in the Olympic Games for dancing with a ball and a hula hoop. Why didn't they tell me this as a child? I would have been all over that. It looks hard and they have to be in, like, top physical condition to do some of those crazy things, I had just never seen someone do a roll over a rubber ball and it be considered a sport... #ThingsI'mLearning