Thursday, August 23, 2012

College college college

This is my first week of classes, and today is my first long day. (11 am to 8 pm, baby!) I don't have my laptop because it made my backpack too heavy, but now I seriously wish I had it. An hour and 45 minutes is a long time for a break, but it's too short to really go out and do anything while I wait. I thought I could maybe read my textbook reading assignments, and I probably could in this amount of time, it's just really loud.

I'm pretty bummed my music class got cancelled, but c'est la vie. That class getting cancelled is the reason I have to be here until 8... But I'm not bitter. Well, actually I'm a little bitter. I was very excited about that class.

When I had to try and find another class, it was super odd to me, but all of the morning classes were full. It was the late morning-noon classes that were empty, and of course those were the ones I didn't need.

It doesn't really help that I don't know anyone. I wonder what people that leave and go far away for college feel like when they see people that grew up in their college town and have a ton of friends already...

If I were on my laptop there would be a ton of cool gifs or pictures in this post, but since I'm on my phone I'll leave you with this one :) cat pictures really get me... Is that sad?

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