Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Fun day :)

That was a bit cliché… Anyway.

I HATE POP UP ADS ON BLOGS! If I am reading a heart-wrenching story about lost love, or the birth of a baby, I do NOT want to have to fight an ad to finish reading it. I understand ads. They’re needed, but I think sidebar ones are sufficient. I also shouldn’t have to wonder how to close an ad. I’m not a mom; I don’t need those organic diapers. I’m just trying to read.

Wow… There was a lot of entitlement in that paragraph. I’m sorry. I just feel like I should have a little bit of a say of what I do with my time, and reading ads is not one of them. How ridiculous is that though. I feel like my time is so precious I can’t take 15 seconds to close out of an ad? When did I lose sight of humility? My time is no more important than anyone else’s, and those ads may be someone’s way of life.

Well, there was my soap box for the day…
I have seen a LOT of nautical things on Pinterest as of late, and I LOVE nautical things, so I decided to give it a go and make some wall art (and a background for my phone). Here is the finished product:

I drew this boo! edit done on

I’m not too sure how I feel about it, but I think I like it, so it’s alright I guess :)

Also, I have like 3 1/2 yards of cotton fabric with robots on it from a sling I made while I was a nanny. I am no longer a nanny to a baby and have nothing to do with this fabric. My cousin is having a baby boy though, so if any of you have any awesome ideas for a gift I could make, or a way I could refashion a tee, or maybe make a cool skirt with the stupid stuff (I really like this robot fabric), I'd love to hear about it in the comment section :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I think I was a little too ambitious...

So, my vegan-inspired detox may have been a good idea in my head, but it held little favor with my lifestyle. Eating a vegan-inspired diet sucks for me because 1) I like meat. A lot. And cheese. And milk. And butter. Especially butter.   And 2) I live in a not-vegan-friendly part of Missouri. There really are no “pure vegan” options other than our one health food store, which has very limited vegan options, and to purchase food there you have to make a down payment of one arm and half a leg, plus a guaranteed later payment of your first born child.

Back to the drawing bard, I still want to eat healthier, but I think cutting out most red meat, and cutting WAAAAAAAY back on my other meat consumption. I haven’t been eating well since my accident, because I’ve been so nauseous, but I’m working on that and I’ll let you know how it goes :)

Darling and I were talking about my vegan lifestyle, and when I told him I thought I was changing my mind, he refrained from saying “I told you so” or “I knew you wouldn’t follow through” …. I like this one ladies and gents. I like him a lot. ;)

The Olympic opening ceremony was last night, and because I have such an obsession with pandas...

Photo credit:

Have an awesome Saturday, boo! :))

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today has been kind of ridiculous.

So, I woke up and Darling asked if I'd come over. I didn't see him yesterday so I thought it would be a lovely idea. I went to his house and hung out with him and his family and had a good time. Then they started getting ready for dinner and I started to get ready to leave for work. I knew they would be eating meat, like most American families, so I was going to leave a little earlier so no one would feel awkward about my lack of meat-eating. My stomach felt the need to start making dying whale noises, and Darling then decides to make a big deal about me being hungry, and I could smell the smoked pork and I lost my willpower and ate said pork. It. Was. Awesome. Bro. My taste-buds have betrayed me.

I left for work after I ate and my stomach shut up like the little traitor it was. On my way to work I got into a car accident. Like, pretty bad on my end. I mean, no one else was hurt, but I had a seatbelt burn and hit my head pretty hard. I've decided it was the pork. I'm never eating meat ever again. I cursed myself and now all meat is unholy.

That may be a bit ridiculous, but really. No. More. Pork.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Today is the day I make this junk official.

This is probably not for the under 13 crowd.

Last night I went downtown with some of my friends, and who should be there but The Great Mistake. A brief history of The Great Mistake, his name is irrelevant because he doesn’t even deserve to have one. The Great Mistake and I used to be best friends when we were both thirteen, then we got older and tried to date, that was miserable for us both. We were better off as good friends. A few bad life choices later and The Great Mistake is calling me from his first 24 hour holding cell telling me he’s scared and needed to hear the voice of someone that loved him. I still cared about my friend and tried to comfort him in the allotted 180 seconds and we agreed to meet up when I got back from vacation (YEAH. That phone call took place while I WAS ON VACATION).
I got back and he got a girlfriend. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, or give her he’s-trying-to-cheat-with-that-hussy feelings so I backed off and told him I’d be here if he needed me, but give her your full attention. I never liked her. A few months later he called me and asked me to come over and talk and catch up because she was “out of the picture, and moving out” and he missed having his best friend and wanted to see me. Like the sappy fool I am, I went.  He answered the door and led me past his roommates and we went and talked with the door cracked to his bedroom (I AM NOT A HUSSY). We talked for hours and caught up and I realized how much I missed him and so on and so forth, but then he tried to kiss me. I freaked out and went home.
Then four months later his girlfriend sent me an awful message on Facebook telling me she was going to fight me if she ever saw me in public. I am not a fighter, but I am a self-preservationist. I will not let you hit me. I will not be the victim. I politely told her I had no idea what she was mad about and told her I didn’t even know her. She explained that she was The Great Mistake’s girlfriend and she was furious that I >word I refuse to say< her boyfriend in her bed. None of what she was claiming actually happened. The situation escalated quickly and she wouldn’t listen to what I was saying. Instead of being mad at him for lying to me and cheating on her, she was mad at me for coming on turf I didn’t know was hers.
After The Great Facebook Throwdown of 2011, The Great Mistake, his girlfriend, and his roommates called me at least six times everyday for a week before Christmas and harassed me. If I didn’t answer they would leave me voicemails comparing random parts of my body to exotic animals, and accuse me of nasty horrible things that no sane person would do. Bestiality is not my thing bro, not my thing. Anyway, the calls eventually stopped, picked up again for a while and now seem to have stopped altogether.
But he was there. The Great Mistake was downtown last night in my town. He was here. On my turf. Without his girlfriend. He glared at me and tried to walk toward me and I booked it into a coffee shop I found out he had JUST walked out of. I was terrified. We were within 20 feet of each other for the first time since October and I almost passed out. But, I have been losing weight and I am so much healthier than I was in October, and well… he looked a bit worse for wear. I know it’s awful for me to say this, but I looked better.
That’s when I finally made the choice 100%. I am going to get healthy. I will make him regret ever calling me those hideous terms, because I am already healthier than I used to be. I think I look better and I know I feel better. That’s what this post is about, my choice to be healthy.

So, This is it. This is the day. I would say yesterday was the day, but I drank milk, and Darling made me eat cheese and buttered popcorn. Well, he didn't make me, but really it is not fair to tempt me with cheese or butter.

I am going to be a vegan eat a vegan-inspired diet. I can't be a vegan. I like leather shoes. Come at me PETA.
And, Darling said something about not being able to use shampoo and conditioner if I decide to be a vegan. That is straight up blasphemy. I must condition these golden locks. Have I mentioned that I'm vain?... Not really, but if I don't condition my hair I am one unhappy camper, hence why my “camping trips” all have showers relatively close.

I also want to point out that I am not becoming a vegan-inspired eater because animals have faces and blah blah blah. God designed our bodies to eat meat. I am becoming a vegan-inspired eater because I cannot eat meat in moderation, and always feel sick after, because I ate too much meat. I like me some fried chicken. Grandma makes fried chicken that tastes so fantastic the chicken asks for a bite. Ew. That was gross, but her chicken is great. I just know that for me, eating meat is fabulous, but I also want to start finding healthy alternatives. I know that if I make my own food, and I remove meat, butter, milk, and cheese. I will be forcing myself to come up with healthier options. I don't need meat everyday, and if I know how to make more things I'll be more apt to do it later when I start to reincorporate meat.

So :) here are my rules:
* No butter, unless I’m at a movie and it’s on the popcorn, in which case DO NOT GET MORE KAELYN!
* No milk (insert small shudder, milk is by far my FAVORITE drink), but I have found a coconut/almond alternative that isn’t terrible, but it’s not milk and that makes me sad.
* No cheese. Yes Kaelyn, that includes the parmesan cheese you keep trying to put on your pasta. GIVE IT UP!
* No eggs. Sorry tomatoes, no more scrambled egg sandwiches (Yes, I know that probably sounds a little disgusting, but I’m in college and broke. Eggs are cheaper than lunchmeat)
* No meat (duh) BUT, I do have a small stipulation, if I’m being fed by a friend or their family, I’m not going to make them make me a special meal. That’s not fair to them. This is my choice, and I’m not going to burden others because of it. That being said, I also am not going to go to a summer BBQ and eat everything in sight because “there were no vegan options” that is when I would try to instigate moderation.

Which I don’t find too unreasonable, and, like I said before, it’s not a super strict lifestyle change; it’s me simply trying to take care of the body God gave me and get healthy. Kind of like a detox. Maybe that’s what I’ll call this… My Vegan-Inspired Detox. I want to start being healthy, and learn to make healthy choices. I want to inform myself of healthy options to things I already like. :)

That being said,
Here are my exceptions:
* If I want to have a glass of milk, it can only be between the hours of 6am and 8am, because if I’m willing to get up in the morning before 8, it must be serious. (Have I mentioned that I’m in college and therefore stay up until all hours of the night?…)
* If I’m out somewhere with friends, or on a date or whatnot, if they don’t have vegan options, I will not order red meat, and I’ll try my best to stay away from fish and chicken as well. Salad here I come.
* I am not changing my lifestyle to the point I won’t ride in a car with leather seats. That’s ludicrous.
Well, this was a bit long… But that’s my goal. That’s my little mid-year resolution if you will. School is starting soon, and it’ll be harder, but I want to do this for me. Darling and most of my friends have said I’m going to hate it, and I probably will, but most lifestyle changes require some work and a little bit of doing things you don’t want too. Believe me, if I could sit at home and read while surfing Pinterest and drinking a Mocha Coconut Frap from Starbucks and eat Zingers all day long, I would, but this is my choice for me. I am going to be healthy. I am going to get fit. It’s not about being skinny; it’s about believing I’m beautiful, and being proud of what it took to get there.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I just watched my sister's dress rehearsal,

and let me tell ya, they were ballin'. I'm so stinking proud of Little! :) I think they'll kick butt tomorrow at regionals! Not to brag or anything ;) Do you have anyone you're ridiculously proud of?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I hate doing laundry.

I really really REALLY hate laundry. It makes me frustrated and I don't like to be frustrated. That being said, two weeks ago I got home from being a sponsor at Falls Creek in Oklahoma (the COOLEST church camp EVA bro). I'm not really sure why I felt the need to pack every article of clothing I own, but my biggest-size-they'll-allow-for-a-checked-bag-on-a-plane suitcase was FULL of clothes and towels and shoes (that I actually wore) and now I'm having trouble finding the motivation to finish washing it all. I probably have like a load left that's just staring at me from the corner of my bedroom. So, instead of doing it, I think I'll just close the lid and go eat some Swedish fish for lunch. :)

Let's chat :)
What about you? Do you have chores or other household things you push off until you just can't anymore and then wait a little longer? Comment me your answers :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Let's test the waters with this one...

Let's just take a moment and all remember to stay positive as we read this. I'm not tryin to offend anyone or get myself shot ok?

I don't want to make you mad, boo.

Ok. Now. I don't want to start a riot (insert slight smirk and a line of Lecrae's "Riot")... but I have this "moral issue" I'd like to discuss for a second. I adore my friend Brandon. Can I put his name on here? Is that bad etiquette? Anyway, Brandon has come out and believe me, he’s not my first gay friend, but he’s definitely my closest. I love him to death. He’s one of my best friends. He was before he came out, and that didn’t really change anything, except now we can both comment on how much we enjoy baseball pants. I may not agree with his decisions, and know some girls that would love to be his girlfriend, but it’s his body and his life, and if that’s what makes him happy, then I am ecstatic for him.

Because of my “conservative” background I’ve always been taught that homosexuals are “fags” and should be treated with very little, if any, respect. Honestly though, in my defense, I don’t think that was necessarily anyone’s fault, because you teach what you know. I don’t feel like he’s any less of a person and I really respect him for boldly and gracefully becoming a person he is happy with. He’s not perfect, and God knows I am not either, so why should it be ok for me to judge him, or anyone else for that matter?

Before anyone tries to shoot me for being a liberal, hear me out. In the book of Leviticus it clearly states that “for a man to lie with another man as he would a woman is detestable” or something like that, BUT (HEAR ME OUT PEOPLE) we as modern-day Christians tend to place our morals on situations where the morals were different, not wrong, just different. Their ideas of sexuality were completely different than ours, because most people believed in Galen’s one sex model theory. They thought everyone was a “man” but different degrees of “manly-hood” which is why men and women have the “same” parts, just “inverted,” So, it was wrong for a man to lie with a man, which can be interpreted as a man being “penetrated” (whether that’s tongue kissing or more… in depth action) by someone less manly. Women could be manlier than men, and it was all on a scale-like system. The manlier person was to be “in charge” and control the situation.

As far as “sanctity of marriage” (which I’m sure might be going through your head), men loving men and women loving women are not what is killing our marriages and shooting up the divorce rate, which is ACTUALLY ruining marriage. How many times does a man leave his wife for a man, compared to a man leaving his wife for another woman? If you want to start throwing blame and condemning people for the reason fifty percent of United States marriages are ending in divorce, the blame starts in Matthew, when we’re told that divorce is ok in the circumstance of infidelity. When you make one exception, you can make a million. It all goes downhill from there.

Also “homosexuality is a sin”
Let’s make a list of commonly committed sins
*murder (not super prevalent, but prevalent nonetheless)
*Adultury/murder of the heart (perverty/lusty thoughts and hatred)
*Thievery (yes I mean that extra fortune cookie you took even though it said “1 per meal”)
*Back-talking to yo parentals (yes even when you were four)
*Not giving to the government what the government deserves (‘Then Jesus said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." And they were amazed at him.’ Mark 12:17 ---Heck yeah they were amazed! People have always hated the government)
*Workin’ on that Sabbath (So, if the only job you can get to support your family is on the weekends, sorry. No food for you)
*Using God’s name in vain (yes “cheese ‘n’ rice” counts, God knows your heart)
*Putting things ahead of God (yes, I admit my glitter obsession has gotten in the way of reading my bible, sue me. I’m not perfect)
*False witness (tellin’ lies bro)
*Coveting (Yes, when you went to bed and stewed over the fact that Jessica got Malibu Barbie, but you just got the stupid clothing pack for your headless doll)

The list goes on and on, but my point is this, I have sinned more times than I could mention. Sometimes when I pray about it at night I forget some. In the New Testament it talks about going to a brother and commenting on the speck in his eye while you ignore the log in your own. It is not my place to condemn Brandon, or any of his partners (past, present or future), or any other homosexual I come across because my sins are just as black as theirs, and I need to rely on Jesus just as much as they do. Some plant, and some water, but God reaps the increase, and it is not my job to try and fill His place. God works on people in ways that I cannot understand, and neither can you. I’ve presented my case, explained to Brandon why I think we would have good babies, and now get the privilege of being friends with an AWESOME guy. If later on he has some sort of life change, I plan on being right there beside him to comfort, talk, potentially carry children for, and be whatever else I need to be, because he’s my friend. He could change his mind a million times and I would still be his friend. No discrimination, no back stabbing, no fag jokes. (Not that I do that anyway)

We’re only given this one life to live, and I want to live mine to the fullest. I want to fill my heart and life with beautiful people that have beautiful hearts. I just read a petition about murders overseas where the defendant has gotten off because he has claimed “gay panic” or some ludicrous thing like that, and I find it ridiculous. A person is a person no matter how small (Thank you Horton, and Dr Seuss), a person is a person, no matter their ethnicity, mental capacity, sexual orientation, gender, height, weight, acne whatever! A person is a person and deserves to be treated as such. I don’t want to spend my life in constant fear of someone I have no reason to be afraid of. To be honest, it’s kind of nice to be able to share a mutual love of baseball pants with someone.

I know this was kind of heavy, maybe a little controversial, and probably a little invasive into Brandon’s life (if you read this sorry!), but I honestly needed to say it, now here is a picture I swiped from my handsome friend Brandon :)

we panic when we see cameras!
Camera faces :)

Bracelets with my Kaelyn! (Taken with Instagram)
We buy matching things... Because we're cute.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have no special skills, or followers...

I have decided that I'm going to be a blogger. That's my goal... I think. I don't really do anything spectacular, but I can eat an impressive amount of Swedish fish in one sitting... Oh, and I can make up recipes for chicken to feed my drunk friends when I'm the designated sober person because I'm young. Oh, and I also have a pretty great "sour face" You know, that hideously awkward face you make after a really good Warhead? Or, in my case, anything remotely sour... I can casually discuss lots of topics and make a debate for most... I should have been in debate in high school, and believe me I tried, but I usually make my point toward the beginning and that's all I really have to say about the matter. Maybe I'll be a politician... Hahaha... Probably not.

So, since this blog post is taking no real direction, I think I'll fill it with other useless stuff I'm thinking about at this moment. First, have you seen the Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers? I understand I'm slightly behind the times, but they're so stinking cool. AND now that I've eaten the tomato, basil-ey pasta goodness I can save that weird little container and use it to heat up things in my microwave with that vented lid so I don't splatter crap all over the inside of my microwave that I'll just have to clean up later. I really enjoyed that the noodles weren't gross and that the sauce wasn't awkwardly grainy with slimy vegetables. It took less than four minutes to make, so it was great for my lunch break and I just really enjoyed it.

Photo credit:

Oh, and, since I'm blogging for fun, I'm not getting paid to rant and rave about this delicious addition to my lunchtime repertoire.

I'm addicted to Swedish Fish, Haribo Gummy Bears, and those Sour Patch Watermelon things. I used to hate gummy candy, but now I am kicking the younger, much less cultured Kaelyn that refused to try such delicious things. I know they probably are no better for me than chocolate, but since I can devour a five-pound bag of each without vomiting I feel like it's no coincidence.

Photo credit:

I'm also addicted to Pinterest. I have a butt-load of pins (close to 4,500)... You should follow my pinboards. I'd like that, and would probably follow you back. Unless your pinboards don't pertain to me, in which case I won't, but I'll try to follow at least one board. I like Pinterest, so it won't kill me to add more people. My URL is Click it. Follow me. Enjoy your life. Well, I guess you can enjoy your life without following me, but it'll be hard.

Photo credit: Leah Bailey Photography

That's me and my baby brotha :) He's presh. My friend Leah took this picture, and she has tons more on Le Facebook. Look her up! :) LB Photo on Facebook.

I think I'll wrap up this helter-skelter post with a picture of a panda, because pandas are my favorite.

Photo credit:
Also, I didn't go to any of the websites with the pictures, I got them from Google, other than the picture of me and my brother, so I don't know what's behind the links. I just wanted to give credit to the website Google got the pictures from.