Sunday, July 15, 2012

Let's test the waters with this one...

Let's just take a moment and all remember to stay positive as we read this. I'm not tryin to offend anyone or get myself shot ok?

I don't want to make you mad, boo.

Ok. Now. I don't want to start a riot (insert slight smirk and a line of Lecrae's "Riot")... but I have this "moral issue" I'd like to discuss for a second. I adore my friend Brandon. Can I put his name on here? Is that bad etiquette? Anyway, Brandon has come out and believe me, he’s not my first gay friend, but he’s definitely my closest. I love him to death. He’s one of my best friends. He was before he came out, and that didn’t really change anything, except now we can both comment on how much we enjoy baseball pants. I may not agree with his decisions, and know some girls that would love to be his girlfriend, but it’s his body and his life, and if that’s what makes him happy, then I am ecstatic for him.

Because of my “conservative” background I’ve always been taught that homosexuals are “fags” and should be treated with very little, if any, respect. Honestly though, in my defense, I don’t think that was necessarily anyone’s fault, because you teach what you know. I don’t feel like he’s any less of a person and I really respect him for boldly and gracefully becoming a person he is happy with. He’s not perfect, and God knows I am not either, so why should it be ok for me to judge him, or anyone else for that matter?

Before anyone tries to shoot me for being a liberal, hear me out. In the book of Leviticus it clearly states that “for a man to lie with another man as he would a woman is detestable” or something like that, BUT (HEAR ME OUT PEOPLE) we as modern-day Christians tend to place our morals on situations where the morals were different, not wrong, just different. Their ideas of sexuality were completely different than ours, because most people believed in Galen’s one sex model theory. They thought everyone was a “man” but different degrees of “manly-hood” which is why men and women have the “same” parts, just “inverted,” So, it was wrong for a man to lie with a man, which can be interpreted as a man being “penetrated” (whether that’s tongue kissing or more… in depth action) by someone less manly. Women could be manlier than men, and it was all on a scale-like system. The manlier person was to be “in charge” and control the situation.

As far as “sanctity of marriage” (which I’m sure might be going through your head), men loving men and women loving women are not what is killing our marriages and shooting up the divorce rate, which is ACTUALLY ruining marriage. How many times does a man leave his wife for a man, compared to a man leaving his wife for another woman? If you want to start throwing blame and condemning people for the reason fifty percent of United States marriages are ending in divorce, the blame starts in Matthew, when we’re told that divorce is ok in the circumstance of infidelity. When you make one exception, you can make a million. It all goes downhill from there.

Also “homosexuality is a sin”
Let’s make a list of commonly committed sins
*murder (not super prevalent, but prevalent nonetheless)
*Adultury/murder of the heart (perverty/lusty thoughts and hatred)
*Thievery (yes I mean that extra fortune cookie you took even though it said “1 per meal”)
*Back-talking to yo parentals (yes even when you were four)
*Not giving to the government what the government deserves (‘Then Jesus said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." And they were amazed at him.’ Mark 12:17 ---Heck yeah they were amazed! People have always hated the government)
*Workin’ on that Sabbath (So, if the only job you can get to support your family is on the weekends, sorry. No food for you)
*Using God’s name in vain (yes “cheese ‘n’ rice” counts, God knows your heart)
*Putting things ahead of God (yes, I admit my glitter obsession has gotten in the way of reading my bible, sue me. I’m not perfect)
*False witness (tellin’ lies bro)
*Coveting (Yes, when you went to bed and stewed over the fact that Jessica got Malibu Barbie, but you just got the stupid clothing pack for your headless doll)

The list goes on and on, but my point is this, I have sinned more times than I could mention. Sometimes when I pray about it at night I forget some. In the New Testament it talks about going to a brother and commenting on the speck in his eye while you ignore the log in your own. It is not my place to condemn Brandon, or any of his partners (past, present or future), or any other homosexual I come across because my sins are just as black as theirs, and I need to rely on Jesus just as much as they do. Some plant, and some water, but God reaps the increase, and it is not my job to try and fill His place. God works on people in ways that I cannot understand, and neither can you. I’ve presented my case, explained to Brandon why I think we would have good babies, and now get the privilege of being friends with an AWESOME guy. If later on he has some sort of life change, I plan on being right there beside him to comfort, talk, potentially carry children for, and be whatever else I need to be, because he’s my friend. He could change his mind a million times and I would still be his friend. No discrimination, no back stabbing, no fag jokes. (Not that I do that anyway)

We’re only given this one life to live, and I want to live mine to the fullest. I want to fill my heart and life with beautiful people that have beautiful hearts. I just read a petition about murders overseas where the defendant has gotten off because he has claimed “gay panic” or some ludicrous thing like that, and I find it ridiculous. A person is a person no matter how small (Thank you Horton, and Dr Seuss), a person is a person, no matter their ethnicity, mental capacity, sexual orientation, gender, height, weight, acne whatever! A person is a person and deserves to be treated as such. I don’t want to spend my life in constant fear of someone I have no reason to be afraid of. To be honest, it’s kind of nice to be able to share a mutual love of baseball pants with someone.

I know this was kind of heavy, maybe a little controversial, and probably a little invasive into Brandon’s life (if you read this sorry!), but I honestly needed to say it, now here is a picture I swiped from my handsome friend Brandon :)

we panic when we see cameras!
Camera faces :)

Bracelets with my Kaelyn! (Taken with Instagram)
We buy matching things... Because we're cute.

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