Saturday, July 28, 2012

I think I was a little too ambitious...

So, my vegan-inspired detox may have been a good idea in my head, but it held little favor with my lifestyle. Eating a vegan-inspired diet sucks for me because 1) I like meat. A lot. And cheese. And milk. And butter. Especially butter.   And 2) I live in a not-vegan-friendly part of Missouri. There really are no “pure vegan” options other than our one health food store, which has very limited vegan options, and to purchase food there you have to make a down payment of one arm and half a leg, plus a guaranteed later payment of your first born child.

Back to the drawing bard, I still want to eat healthier, but I think cutting out most red meat, and cutting WAAAAAAAY back on my other meat consumption. I haven’t been eating well since my accident, because I’ve been so nauseous, but I’m working on that and I’ll let you know how it goes :)

Darling and I were talking about my vegan lifestyle, and when I told him I thought I was changing my mind, he refrained from saying “I told you so” or “I knew you wouldn’t follow through” …. I like this one ladies and gents. I like him a lot. ;)

The Olympic opening ceremony was last night, and because I have such an obsession with pandas...

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Have an awesome Saturday, boo! :))

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