Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have no special skills, or followers...

I have decided that I'm going to be a blogger. That's my goal... I think. I don't really do anything spectacular, but I can eat an impressive amount of Swedish fish in one sitting... Oh, and I can make up recipes for chicken to feed my drunk friends when I'm the designated sober person because I'm young. Oh, and I also have a pretty great "sour face" You know, that hideously awkward face you make after a really good Warhead? Or, in my case, anything remotely sour... I can casually discuss lots of topics and make a debate for most... I should have been in debate in high school, and believe me I tried, but I usually make my point toward the beginning and that's all I really have to say about the matter. Maybe I'll be a politician... Hahaha... Probably not.

So, since this blog post is taking no real direction, I think I'll fill it with other useless stuff I'm thinking about at this moment. First, have you seen the Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers? I understand I'm slightly behind the times, but they're so stinking cool. AND now that I've eaten the tomato, basil-ey pasta goodness I can save that weird little container and use it to heat up things in my microwave with that vented lid so I don't splatter crap all over the inside of my microwave that I'll just have to clean up later. I really enjoyed that the noodles weren't gross and that the sauce wasn't awkwardly grainy with slimy vegetables. It took less than four minutes to make, so it was great for my lunch break and I just really enjoyed it.

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Oh, and, since I'm blogging for fun, I'm not getting paid to rant and rave about this delicious addition to my lunchtime repertoire.

I'm addicted to Swedish Fish, Haribo Gummy Bears, and those Sour Patch Watermelon things. I used to hate gummy candy, but now I am kicking the younger, much less cultured Kaelyn that refused to try such delicious things. I know they probably are no better for me than chocolate, but since I can devour a five-pound bag of each without vomiting I feel like it's no coincidence.

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I'm also addicted to Pinterest. I have a butt-load of pins (close to 4,500)... You should follow my pinboards. I'd like that, and would probably follow you back. Unless your pinboards don't pertain to me, in which case I won't, but I'll try to follow at least one board. I like Pinterest, so it won't kill me to add more people. My URL is Click it. Follow me. Enjoy your life. Well, I guess you can enjoy your life without following me, but it'll be hard.

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That's me and my baby brotha :) He's presh. My friend Leah took this picture, and she has tons more on Le Facebook. Look her up! :) LB Photo on Facebook.

I think I'll wrap up this helter-skelter post with a picture of a panda, because pandas are my favorite.

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Also, I didn't go to any of the websites with the pictures, I got them from Google, other than the picture of me and my brother, so I don't know what's behind the links. I just wanted to give credit to the website Google got the pictures from.

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