Saturday, March 30, 2013

Things You Should Know If We're Gonna Be BFFs

I was inspired by a post over at to write a post about facts you may or may not know about me.
So here we go :)

I wear a size 8 shoe.
I've been that size since about sixth grade.
I was always terrified I would be a size 19 before I finished high school.
I'm a fan of the Maxi skirt.
I LOATHE bacon.
I'm a receptionist.
I also deliver pizza for Pizza Hut.
My favorite color is yellow.
I wear my socks inside out.
I picked up that weird habit from watching my younger sister do it for years, and I'm still not sure when I started doing it.
I hate spicy foods. Love the taste, cry like a baby at the burn.
The sound of other people gagging makes me gag too. So does the sound of Gollum's voice from the Hobbit Movie. Darling's friends thought it was hilarious.
In addition to being unable to handle the sound of gagging, I'm a sympathy puker. It's disgusting.
My sister and I get headaches at the same time. She's two years younger than me (Weird, right?).
I have stepped on carpenters nails multiple times in my life. I think I'm up to five times now.
I compulsively wash my hands.
I use self-checkout at the grocery store whenever possible.
I'm afraid of the dark, big dogs and fire.
I used to love to burn candles, but I will probably never burn one again.
I collect snowglobes.
80% of the time when I go to Walmart or Target I buy lipgloss, even if I find nothing else I want.
I bullied Darling into buying a yellow shower curtain, because I am mean.
I am mean.
I really enjoy fruit, but get bored eating it.
Becoming overwhelmed is very easy for me, and sometimes causes me to shutdown for periods at a time.
When I get overwhelmed, I either pick off my nail polish, or I pick at my fingernails until they bleed (sometimes both), then wonder why I can't have nice things.
Once I start, I can't stop.
I'm picking the Shellac off my nails as I type this.
My yellow Pontiac Sunfire was my most prized possession. When I wrecked it I honestly thought my life was over for a brief moment.
I've tried to be vegan. (LOL)
I'm in love with panda bears.
I didn't let anyone know that until I was 19.
I'm currently dating the boy that was my first kiss, and I absolutely adore everything about him.
That was a lie, there are things that irritate me, but as a whole, he's the greatest blessing God could have ever given me, and I thank Him for His perfect timing.
Sometimes I want a baby so bad I can hardly stand it, but then I remember how much I enjoy sleeping, how full my schedule is, and how much money I don't have, and figure I should hold off on that dream.
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Tell me some of your quirks :)

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