Sunday, April 7, 2013

Excitement and wishful thinking :)

This is a post about things I am truly excited for.

  1. Moving out of my family’s house. I love love love my family. They mean so much to me, and they have worked so hard to help me be where I am today, and for that I am very grateful. That being said, I am excited to have a place that is mine (and whoever I choose to share it with).
  2. Getting married. Lame, I know. Every girl in high school blogs about how much she wants to get married, but it isn’t just the marriage and the intimacy that goes along with that, it’s the:
    1. Learning to cook for my husband, and forcing him to eat burnt food so I’ll stop crying
    2. Doing combined laundry
    3. Waking up to the same face every morning
    4. Learning how to budget as newlyweds
    5. Kissing good morning and sending him off to work with a mug of coffee
    6. Sharing a closet
    7. Sharing a dresser
    8. Leaving little notes around the house
    9. Reminding him that my bathroom stuff is sprawled out on the counter because I need it that way or I’ll look like an absolute train wreck
    10. Being held after a long day
    11. Surprising him
    12. Maybe, someday, having a beautiful, little baby with him
    13. Picking out things to make our house a home
…and so so so much more…
  1. Paying my car off in however many years that is…
  2. Getting my tax refund
  3. Learning how to ride a long board
  5. Summer tans
  6. Going swimming
  7. Finishing this semester of college
  8. Spending time with Darling this evening. :) since we’re fairly serious now, I have no problem saying Darling’s real name is Jacob, and I thank God he brought him back into my life, hopefully this time for a long, long time.

So now, let me know what you're excited for :)


  1. Response to #2L: Will you be naming the little one Kuzko by any chance?

  2. If not Kuzko, how about Cuzco?

  3. Hahahaha :) that made me smile Aunt Shelley