Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ask and ye shall getit.

Ummm... Guess who asked her grandmother for spaghetti tacos and was rewarded with a "sure, I'll try it?" THIS GIRL! SO STOKED! Also, I was still a child when iCarly first came on. Don't judge me.
This is me right now.
Also, I have decided that, to help my New Mexican friend, I am going to rewrite the story of her birth, because she's too old. ;) I hope she reads this... Anyhooooo....

On the twentieth day of February, 1992, she was born in the world's sixth most massive country, the Commonwealth of Australia. She was born in the equatorial region of northern Queensland in the home of a dear family friend to traveling parents. Because of this abnormal birth circumstance, her birth was never recorded until she attempted to gain American citizenship in 1997. Her parents adamantly expressed the day they celebrated as her birthday and were persistent that she was only five years old. To this day she still thinks about what life might have been like if her parents would have tried to raise her in her original aborigine lifestyle, and also wonders how old she really, truly is.

Again, I really hope she reads this, because I love her...
This is how I show affection.
 So, SOMEONE at work refuses to close the coffee creamer and sugar containers. GROSS! WE'RE GOING TO GET ANTS! Let's face it people, ants are nasty. Shut the containers when you're finished. It takes less than two seconds.

Let's just take a moment and think about how nasty ants are.
Yesterday it POURED.  I was legitimately concerned that God had decided to flood the Earth again because He decided we were too far gone. Good thing He promised he wouldn't do that... With rainbows and whatnot.. But anyway, Darling had taken me downtown and we got so sopping wet it was ridiculous. We looked like drowned rats, but it was THE most fun I have had in such a long time! :) It was great.
This wasn't my town, but it probably could have been...
Have a fantastic Sunday! Glitter on lovelies!



  1. So, as a clairvoyant, your New Mexican friend should know that she was born 7/11/1986 and is currently 26 years old. HOWEVER, she should continue to lie to everyone she meets (especially the men-folk) because if she doesn't, she is never going to get married and all the young guys she talks to will think she is a creep. You might want to pass this little tidbit of info onto her. Free of charge, of course...