Saturday, October 6, 2012

So, I hear you like hodge podge...

Well. I wanted to write an AWESOME  blog post today, and then I realized I had no direction. I decided a jumbled post full of gifs and random thoughts would do the trick. After I made this grand plan, I realized that's what most of my posts are, and I threw my hands in the air and realized I needed more glitter on my nails. 
I recently went shopping while I was sad… I’m not sure of other people have this problem, but I do. Sometimes I think retail therapy should be a legally accepted medical treatment covered by insurance. Anyway, I bought an awesome Deux Lux wallet that is like this weird plastic kind of material… Kind of like patent leather, except the cheap stuff, whatever, it’s shiny and covered with pink and purple glitter. (See what I mean? I wasn’t kidding about this glitter obsession of mine.)
Also, while I was shopping I got four new bottles of nail polish. I got two Essie colors, one Nina, and an Oh So Wet! top coat… This Nina color is called “opal elegance,” and it might just be the best thing to ever happen to me, not that I’m dramatic or anything…. Really though, it’s great. It has a ton of little pieces of glitter that actually paint onto your nails. You don’t have to glob it on to get the glitter to get off the brush. I’m sure most people would only need one coat of glitter, but look at that wallet… I’m far from the average consumer. I usually use four super thin coats. It’s like I have a mini disco ball on each finger. Seriously, it’s fantastic. I also really like the Oh So Wet! top coat because it adds another layer of shine. It makes your nails almost look like glass, or ice. I like it a lot as well. I have a thing for Essie. That would probably be my favorite brand of nail polish. It only takes two coats to get a great color, and it dries relatively quickly. All in all to do two coats of Essie color, four coats of glitter, and a top coat takes less than 20 minutes. :D

Aaaaaaaand, enough of my shopping addiction. In my French class in college, we’re talking about music, and the different meanings it has for different cultures. We listened to a song sung in French by Cali called Pensons a l’avenir. It really is a beautiful song. When translated the title means “believe in the future.” The song talks about the daily life of this couple, and the little struggles of learning to adapt your way of life to accommodate living with your partner. I love it so much. Here’s the YouTube link: it’s live, so bare with it, but really it’s a pretty good song :)
When I realize a song is in another language...

That’s all I really have time for so, here is a gif of a panda on a slide in the snow :))


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