Sunday, November 11, 2012

I just think it should be known

that I am reading Football for Dummies (USA Edition), because I realize I'm an embarrassment to mankind when I have to ask what the Quarterback is...
Is this even legal?

 The first sentence on the site is "American football is about trying to make points by passing, carrying, or kicking an oblong ball (with two pointed ends) into your opponent's end zone." Ok, come on. I am not that bad. I know what a football is.
For real

 This is harder than I thought. Something about the other team getting a safety... I thought that was a position...??? Football is hard. What the heck does all of this crap mean?
This is me right now...

I'm even drawing diagrams to try and figure out what the heck all of this means... Maybe Darling will explain it the next time we watch a game and I can take notes... I feel like that would be a better idea.  BUT Darling and I played catch last night, and I'm pretty decent if I do say so myself. :)
I feel like trying to teach me football is like trying to get me to play in the dirt. Princesses don't do that nonsense.


  1. Football is all about the time of year, not terminology. I thoroughly enjoy football and only have two comments memorized: Roughing the Passer and Face Mask...

  2. That's about all I know... And the only thing I know about them is "If you grab the face mask you get in trouble because that isn't nice" and "If you knock the passer over sometimes you get rewarded and sometimes you get a penalty"