Saturday, September 8, 2012

I ALMOST caved

and created a Tumblr. I did not make one, but I seriously thought about it. I don't think it would be that bad to have one, but I dissed it for so long I can't really justify making one now.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels on this blog, because, well, no one reads it. I love blogging, but I hate that I feel like I'm getting nowhere. so, dear reader, if you're out there, please comment, or follow, or  visit my page so I at least feel like I'm not writing all of these posts in vain.

This is how I feel right about now.
 I had to give a speech in my Public Speaking class on Thursday, and the pet peeve I chose was people being rude to receptionists, and mouth-breathing...... It was quite the success. I'm pretty proud of my performance.

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  1. Hurray!! I'm very pleased that you are very pleased with your presentation in Public Speaking, especially after the discussion we had about signing up for the class.

    I will check your blog every now and then, but can't even commit to checking my email regularly anymore.

    (I've even gone days without checking my checks. Git it?)

  2. Addendum: I hate captcha. It may be intended distinguish humans from computer programs, but is hell on people with poor eyesight. I have to roll the darned thing two or three times before I come across one I can read, and still get it wrong.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?! It's so obnoxious! I feel like since computers made the captcha, they can probably get around them... Just saying...