Sunday, September 2, 2012

I NEED a tiara.

Ok... Need may be a bit dramatic, but days like today seriously make me want to dust off the old Prom Queen tiara and wear it proudly all over town. And curse like a sailor. I think that would be a nice touch. *that was some heavy sarcasm friends* I just want to buy a container of glitter and start throwing it on the ground and scream at people that get angry and tell them I'm a freaking princess and I can't walk on un-glittered ground. Is that dramatic? Oh well...

I also really want to go get a pedicure. And have my hair cut. And straightened. I just want to be pampered DANGGIT!!! Maybe I'll go home and make Little rub my feet, and brush my hair, and possibly massage my head.

This is going to be me, Boo.
Darling is out of town, which is a major downer and a half. He went to the KState game with his father and is having a blasty-blast, so I guess that's great for the two of them... But I don't like this whole being-off-in-another-state garbage. By the way congrats to KState fans for that lovely win over Mizzou last night.

In other news. I'm going to buy a big, poofy dress and wear it around my house while I clean and do other mundane household activities. Like homework. How much better would homework be if you were dressed up like Cinderella?
Perfectly acceptable princess dress

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  1. And who are you referring to when you say "Little" is going to rub your feet? That wouldn't be my "Little" Theo, would it?

    When he's in the mood to pamper you, he does do a pretty darned good job of it. The problems lies in finding him in the mood...

    Oh, and BYW, I blasted Romney/Ryan supporters on facebook today. I'm so sick of all the idiots, especially Aunt Barbara. If the Republicans had an actual party, she would not get an invitation, yet she clings to her politics like money... except she doesn't have any money... which is kind of the point...