Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rainy Rainy Days :)

I love the rain. I love everything about it. It replenishes our nasty, dry dirt plots we call yards, AND it makes the outside smell wonderful. (If you know me, you probably remember my distaste for the smell of outside… I hate it) I love the smell of rain and wet grass, not so much wet people, so that’s kind of a downer on the smell radar.

An exaggerated version of my backyard

The rain is making my internet connection slow. Wah. It’s super frustrating. It probably doesn’t help that the computer I’m using is ancient… Speaking of ancient things, Dear AOL, etiquette* not “etiquitte” (ß isn’t a word). I’m not even sure why I still have an AOL, other than… Well… I don’t want to have to change everything. I’ve had an AOL account since the third grade and I’m not about to change it now. As soon as they go under I’ll make a new one… I also don’t understand the people that have multiple email accounts, because I can hardly keep up with one. Let’s face it, I do a pretty poor job of ever checking that one.

How I feel about the internet in general 98% of the time
One thing about rain that I absolutely hate though is the sense of entitlement people seem to get when it starts to rain. Listen here Boo, honey badger don’t care that you think you’re gonna melt. You are not. You will be fine. When you show up to my office do not drive up on my sidewalk to drop off your wife. She may find it endearing, but I find it obnoxious, and I’ll slit your tires.

Don't drive on my sidewalk

Another ridiculous rain fact: it makes my hair grow. I’m not talking length… It becomes a rather large creature on the top of my head. I tend to feed it bobby pins I won’t find for days after… Bobby pins have a tendency to get lost and then reappear in my hair. For example, I put ONE bobby pin in my hair yesterday, and when I went to bed, I found four… What?!

Probably accurate...

Have any awesome, or blah for that matter, rain stories? :) I’d love to hear them!


  1. Something else that smells offensive in the rain: a wet dog.

    1. Agreed. That's probably on my list of top ten offensive smells.